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Our civic institutions are under assault.  It is crucial to have a pragmatic justice system that is faithful to the law and fair to all parties. 

I’m running for Superior Court Judge because I have:

  • The background to know the law;

  • The trial experience to run a courtroom; and

  • A fresh perspective we sorely need.


I’ve served in a courtroom as a Deputy Public Defender for almost seventeen years.  I have the extensive trial experience necessary to be ready to serve on day one. 

In the last decade, out of forty-three open judicial seats, prosecutors were elected to ninety percent of them.  Defense lawyers?  Zero.

This state is transitioning to a balanced approach involving both incarceration when appropriate and alternatives such as programs for mental illness, substance abuse, military related trauma and others.   Yet, the defense lawyers tasked with coordinating the psychologists, social workers and others to implement this vision are the same lawyers shut out from elected judicial office.

Numerous judges with prosecutorial background are exceptional.  But it is time to look at the whole courtroom for the individuals best equipped to ensure justice for every person who comes through the door.

I humbly ask for your vote.

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